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British car brands develop some of the best and luxury cars around the world. British automobile sector beginning from the 19th century and that time, it was the 2nd major car producer around the globe, following the USA. Even with the rapid growth in the 1950s, a dramatically lesser expansion followed and placed the British automobile marketplace of biggest car companies, evaluated by produced units.

Aston Martin CarAston Martin, Mini, Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus and McLaren are some of the major car brands and these are some of the highly popular British cars across the globe. On the other hand, the British automobile business sector performs the grow over and over with the growth rate of more than 6% measured on June, 2013, when just about one million British cars created the manufacturing lines.

There is still needs lot of work to do for reach out the manufacturing of two million cars as in 1972, however the British car brands are breaking the ice effectively. Recently, many British car brands were acquired by different car manufacturer companies, for example, BWM acquired Mini and Roll-Royce brands, TATA Motors acquired Jaguar and Land Rover, and Volkswagen Group acquired Bentley.

Popular British Car Brands

Here are we list some of the most popular and Premium British Car Brands with logos and names. As per our records, currently there are 32 running English Car Brands in 2013, and the majority of cars are luxury and sports cars.

British Sports Car Brands

After provide the luxury and premium car brands of UK, now you are looking for some Sports Car Brands, here we list some Top UK and British Sports Car Brands also with logos and names.