Australian Car Brands – Growth in Australian Car Market

The Australian car brands in the last few decades had become extremely popular and were perfect examples of engineering excellence, quality design and manufacturing know how. The Australian car companies started gaining huge market in the 1970’s and almost four and half lakh cars were manufactured by well established brands like Valiant, Mini, Nissan, Leyland, Renault and a few other competitors which is very well known Australian car brands.

Holden is a Leading Australian Car Brand

Growth in Australian Car Market

Australian Automotive industry mostly impressed those who were looking for large sized passenger cars and these cars were designed and manufactured in mass by a company called Holden, a subsidiary of the General Motors.

During 1948, Holden not only sold its car models in Australia but also catered to a huge world market. The Holden Commodore was one such beauty which attracted many customers. In the recent times, it has worked on a sharing basis with different car brands like Daewoo, Isuzu and Opel to design Toyota, Chevrolet, Suzuki and Nissan car models, which targets customers with different budget requirements. So, be it a small family car, a fast SUV or a sporty model, Holden had it all.

Next came in the Ford Australia in the year 1925, which was again a subsidiary of the American ford company. Unique engine designing and production were the main forte of this company. The most famous car which was launched by this company is the Falcon, marketed under the Ford Performance Vehicles brand. Created specifically for the Australian countryside in the 1960’s, this car did give some rough competition to the other imported cars.

Toyota Australia

Another major Australian car company, the Toyota Australia is a part of the Japanese Toyota motors and has been quite steadily producing some wonderful cars for the past 10 years. The Toyota Australia has also won the Best Global Green brand award for almost three consecutive years in a rowand has been praised high for its programs that dealt with the conservation of water, energy and emission control.

What is the recent condition of the Australian car industry?

Although Australian car companies grew quite well at the initial stages, the market saw a heavy downfall in production of cars in the growing stages. The numbers dropped down from almost 4 lakhs to just 2 lakhs from the year 2004 to 2009 as competing with high technology imported cars became difficult.

Even the major players like Ford Australia and Holden announced their shutdown recently due to multiple reasons like the high rise in Australian dollars which constrained the exports and eased the import of cars from different countries, increased wage and overhead expenses and the fragmentation of the Australian car market.

The most important reason for the close down is the large financial losses that the companies have suffered from, despite the constant efforts from the home government to support the car brands  of Australia with almost $1 million annually.

With all the speculations in the news, The Australian Automotive industry has to be revived completely with new strategies and engineering, for a few developments to occur in the future.