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American Car Brands Known for Good American Cars

Some public opinion say that American car brands are no better than European and Japanese car manufacturers. This is an unstable reason because Ford, Chevrolet, and various other american car brands are the proof of the existence american car manufacturers in the automobile market. From last couple of years American car brands improved their technology in favored all the consumers and produces most renowned cars across the globe. Below we mentioned some of the most popular American car brands which is highly popular across the globe.


Lincoln Motor Company in America

Lincoln is one of the superior luxury american car brand that ford motor company Discovered in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and recognized by Ford in 1922, Lincoln has manufactured vehicles since 1920.

Lincoln has a long history of providing official state limousines for president. The first car was made ​​specifically for the 1939 Presidential Lincoln V12 convertible called “special sunshine” used by Franklin D. Roosevelt until 1948. Lincoln cosmopolitan also used by President Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and once by Johnson.

Lincoln mkt is a luxury crossover utility vehicle was first introduced as a concept vehicle at the 2008 North American International Auto show. Entering production in Oakville assembly factory in July 2009 as a 2010 model.

Lincoln is now officially available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, South Korea, and the Middle East. Lincoln competes with other luxury car brands, mainly the Cadillac of American Motors, but also to compete with brands from other countries. For example with, Lexus from Toyota, Nissan Infiniti from Honda Acura and Audi from Volkswagen.

Limousin car from Lincoln such as Lincoln MKS limousine being the top 10 the most expensive car in the world. It’s just that this car unfortunately less well-known in society.


Chevrolet Car Brand Logo

Another american car brand is Chevrolet. This car manufacturer is quite popular than Lincoln. Chevrolet had release lots of car in its history. And the most popular car from Chevrolet is Chevrolet spin.

Chevrolet Spin toughness body is recognizable from a more solid door dings. Spin it because Chevrolet has a plate thickness are superior to cars in its class. In addition, solid body like this makes Chevy Spin stable and comfortable carrying in a variety of road surface conditions, either the flat or bumpy roads.

For the safety, Chevy Spin is equipped with child lock safety, Also this car is also equipped with airbags, seat belt reminder for driver and front passenger. ABS brake system, which is a braking system on the car to avoid locking the wheels when braking suddenly. In addition, this car has been using advanced security lock with anti duplicates (immobilizer). Wherein when the key is duplicated, the car will not be turned on because it uses a safety pin code which is connected to the engine battery.

The car enthusiasts car choice enliven MPV class comes with engine specifications Multi Point Fuel Injection System. Provide a variety of engine variants. Ranging from 1.2-1.5 liter petrol engine and a 1.3 liter diesel engine with 6-speed manual for the type. 1:14 fuel consumption figures are quite reasonable for a car in its class. Chevrolet also present in the package Spin on type automatic transmission 1.5 liter LTZ. For that kind matic equipped with a sequential transmission system, which features plus minus next to the gear lever to move the appropriate transmission speed desired.

So those cars are proofs that American car brands and American Car Manufacturers is absolutely can compete European and Japanese car brands.