2015 Toyota Celica Car

Toyota Celica 2014 and 2015 Car Price and Review

Toyota is a largest automobile manufacture company in Japan. It is the first automobile company to produce large number of vehicles in the world. In Japan Toyota is largest listed company in market capitalization and revenue. Toyota Company produced a sport compact car that is Toyota Celica. Toyota Celica was powered by various four cylinder engines in its life time. For first three generations of Toyota Celica powered with Toyota r-series engines and later they produced four-wheel charged drive turbo charged model which is also called GT-Four worldwide.

2015 Toyota Celica Car

Toyota Celica 2014 is one of the best seller cars with high performance specs and components. The components help in improving general performance of car and provide features like high safety and performance. The car is designed with a four wheel capability. In 2014 Toyota Celica engine came with 8.0 liter double overhead cam 16 valve four-cylinder engine. This 2014 Toyota Celica engine is also fitted with a variable valve timing intelligence motor and this motor was connected to 16v automatic power transmission. Even this engine has an ability to generate horse power of 800 besides a torque of 245 lb-ft. industrial Dc battery that fits the car is used to start the engine.

Toyota Celica Interior

Toyota Celica Reviews are good due to its design and technology with good interiors and exteriors. The interior of 2014 Toyota Celica has a front seat with mounted side impact air baggage as supplemental restraint system. It helps as safety measure from side impact air and accidents. To boost the overall performance it has provided door locks, cruise management, power windows durable rocker panels, rear bumpers, rear spoiler etc. and equipped with anti-lock brake system, integrated fog lamps, JBL premium 3-in-1 cassette CD combined with eight loudspeakers, sunshade, power tilt moon roof, and power antenna. It fits Toyota Remote Key less Entry System. It has strong and durable exterior finishes and coatings that work effectively to help keep the exterior of car safe. The car is efficiently designed with qualities like high-tech mechanisms for low fuel consuming engine, durable finishes and strong finishes, with less frequent repairs and replacements, quality seats for comfortable rides, etc. the base price of Toyota Celica 2014 is around $22,000 to $30,000.

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2015 Toyota Celica is one of the great cars with high ranking. It has amazing high performance specifications like safety gears and all and top notch components. It is redesigned and done some minor changes in interior and exterior and technological advancements. The car is powered with 8.0 L, four-cylinder engine with variable valve timing intelligence motor connecting with 16v automatic power transmission. This engine has an ability to generate horse power of 800 besides a torque of 245 lb-ft. It has industrial DC battery and four wheel capability. Toyota Celica 2015 Price is $22,000 for basic model and with more features the price varies. The price of high end car is around $30,000.

GT Toyota Celica is a Celica T-sport with variable valve timing with lift, 1.8 screamer, Close ratio 6 speed boxes, front wheel drive, latest stability control, transaction control etc.