Saab Nespresso Concept Car

Swedish Car Brands Manufactured Most Popular Cars and Vehicles

Last couple of years the Sweden cars industry is departing strong. Swedish car brands have most popular vehicles in Swedish automobile industry. Those are well-known cars all across the globe. They are responsible for bringing the Sweden cars into the International market. Here are we provide complete details about all Swedish car companies with their logos and official names.

List of Most Popular Swedish Car Brands and Their Logos

Koenigsegg Swedish Car Company
Koenigsegg Swedish Car Brand

Koenigsegg is a Swedish automobile manufacturer. This specializes primarily in producing high performance sport vehicles. Those cars are known as hyper cars. This company was founded in the year 1994 with the goal of manufacturing the fastest world-class super car.

  • Years: 1994 – Present
  • Headquarters: Ängelholm, Scania, Sweden
  • Founder/Parent Company: Christian von Koenigsegg
  • Website:

This Swedish car company manufactured CCX, CCXR, Trevita, and Agera cars. They have broken various speed records at the time of testing. The headquarters of this company is located at Scania, Sweden.

Volvo Swedian Car Brand
Volvo Car Brand

Volvo is one of the Swedish car brands multinational automobile manufacturing companies. Volvo produces commercial vehicles including heavy buses, coaches and passenger vehicles. This company introduced its first car model in the year 1927. In the present world it become the most popular and prominent manufacturer globally.

  • Years: 1927 – Present
  • Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Founder/Parent Company: Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson
  • Website:

Volvo is a Swedish Builder of vehicles. This brand innovated many of the safety technologies with modern automobiles. The current most famous models of the company include the V40, XC 90, S60, XC60, and XC 90 (2015). The headquarters of the car company Volvo is located at Gothenburg, Sweden.

Saab Group
Saab Group

Saab Automobile AB is also one of the Swedish automobile manufacturer. This was founded in the year 1945. The company Saab has combined with many companies and created the best selling vehicles in Sweden. The most popular Saab has equipped with ‘Black Panel’ feature.

Saab Nespresso Concept Car
Saab Nespresso Concept Car

This inspired aeronautics division of the Saab Group. Today, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) produces electric and solid executive cars. The headquarters of Saab automobiles is located at Trollhattan, Sweden.

Swedish Car Manufacturers Logo is a unique logo all over the world. Every Swedish car has its specific logo. The recognition of car is done by the brand logo. Most of the car companies in Sweden are maintaining the same old logos. Only few companies just modified the old logos.

Non-Active Sweden’s Car Manufacturers

Non active Swedish car brands contributed well in their days. They are not in the business now. AMG automobile manufacturer, Scania Vabis and Josse cars were famous manufactures of Sweden. Due to some reasons, the companies came to the end. Josse car was sports car manufacturing company. The car was powered by famous Volvo’s 3 liter engine to the top speed of 250 kilo meters per hour. The headquarters of Josse is located at Arvika, Sweden.