South Korean Car Brands Makes the Best South Korean Cars

Speed is the first thing which clicks the mind when someone talks about the South Korean car brands. This combined with the latest technology and the beautiful design makes the South Korean cars one of the most favoured in the whole world.

Even in terms of exports and production of cars, the South Korean car brands have bagged the fifth position in the market. The car brands have slowly evolved from the time when they used to just assemble the car using the spare parts imported from foreign countries to designing some of the most advanced cars in the world today.

What are the Best South Korean Car Models Who Beat the Other Foreign Brands?

In a span of 20 years the South Korean car companies quadrupled their growth in the domestic as well as the US market. This achievement was possible with Government support and an aim to gain economies of scale for the country.

The trace of beginning of the South Korean car manufacturing dates back to the 1980’s when jeeps were assembled for the US Army which was named the Sibal. From here there was no stop as major brands started acquiring the car manufacturing arena.

The best known South Korean car company which is still a highly recognized brand is the Hyundai. Reaching a one and a half million of annual production each year, this brand sells its cars in almost 190 countries and even has three showrooms in Korea. It has also been recognized successfully in Canada as the bestselling car company in 2013.


South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of cars, Kia, is the second most popular car brand in Korea. A subsidy of the Hyundai, Kia distributes its models in over 172 countries and operates as one of the top 100 best global brands.

GM Korea, famously known as GM Daewoo, is a large car brand in South Korea with five manufacturing units producing cars. Daewoo also manufactures kits for cars like Opel, Chevrolet, Buick and Holden and has its presence on over 150 markets.

South Korea’s most specialized and technologically advanced cars are produced by the Renault Samsung Motors, with a capacity of selling around 200,000 cars. This company is also famous for its huge research and development area, which helps in producing cars with upgraded technology.

Will South Korean Car Brands Succeed in Future?

With the steady pace at which South Korea is moving in the area of car manufacturing, there is no doubt that they will succeed in future if they keep inventing new designs and models which match the imported car models.

With stylish and luxury cars gaining the attention of most of the customers, the South Korean car companies always have to maintain a double digit growth in the automotive industry and keep a check on the 20% occupancy of imported cars in the South Korean market. For more efficient operations, the car companies have to focus a lot more on the R&D sector and strongly merge the recent trends to their advantage.