Lada Russian Car Manufacturer

Russian Car Brands and Manufacturers Produced Best Russian Cars

Russian Brand is represented as a significant player in the international automobile industry. Still, Russian Car brands are considered less compared to German and American Brands. According to the geographic coverage, Russian cars are worthy. Russia stood 15th greatest manufacturer of car in the year 2010.

Lada Russian Car Manufacturer
Lada Russian Car Manufacturer Logo

LADA Car Manufacturer – Most Trusted and Reputable Russian Car Brands

LADA is one of the best Russian Car manufacturer and car maker. This company is established in the year 1996. Since then the company is manufacturing the vehicles. This car manufacturer worn exports all the car products over the parts of world. The cars are built with modern designs on the status of European car brands. The car LADA reaches the destination with all the comforts.

  • Years: 1966 – Established Year
  • Headquarters: Togliatti, Samara Oblast
  • Founder/Parent Company: JSC AvtoVAZ
  • Website:

The logo of LADA car brand is designed with blue coloring. One can get the name of the brand by the logo itself. This is presently a number of Renault.

Volga, Zil and Moskvich are the other car manufacturer in Russia and large number of cars produced in Russia. Volga Company was started in the year 1946. They supply luxurious car to the comfort of clients. Doctors, Lawyers and Political representatives prefer this model. So this company gained the wealth mark.

Automotive Industry in Russia
Automotive Industry in Russia

The Car, Volga stood in the primary position of Russia Car industry. This company manufactured several types of models in the market. The prices are attractive. The recent released model is released for the Cops.

Russian auto manufacturers include many car companies. ZIL is a Russian comfortable car company. It is established in the year 1916. This company also produces trucks buses and tractors with the cars.

Moskvich is a Well-Known Car Company in Russia

Moskvich Car Company
Moskvich Car Company Logo
  • Years: 1930 – Established Year
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
  • Founder/Parent Company: AZLK
  • Website:

Another well-liked Russian car company is Moskvich. This is a feature of conventional Russian strength. Growth of Russian automotive industry increased with the enlargement of vehicle models. Moskvich includes many varieties of cars. Some of them are 412, 408, 2142. The exploration and approval is done nationally. Some people also assert agrees on the worth of Russian Car Brands. The logo of the company is designed with the brand name in red color.

GAZ Automobile Company of Russia

GAZ Car Company of Russia
GAZ Car Company of Russia
  • Years: 1932 – Established Year
  • Headquarters: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Founder/Parent Company: GAZ Group
  • Website:

GAZ is another foremost automobile company of Russia. The logo of GAZ looks great with a dear figure. This grasps the attention of buyers and gives attraction to the body of car. This brand is particular in the production of automobile machinery. The brands of heavy trucks, vehicles are introduced to the market with profitable values by this car company.

Derways is a private car company in Russia. This manufactures fashionable and proficient vehicles. The vehicles are manufactured in great number here.