Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Reviews, Interior and Latest Price

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover is the fully equipped luxurious four wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Land Rover. Land Rover is well known as an automobile manufacturer of four wheelers with most comfortable and luxurious designs. A part of Land Rover that is Jaguar Land Rover belongs to Indian Tata Motors.

Land Rover has been in to the automobile manufacturing industry since 1948 and it is known for its brand and richness all over the world. Land Rover is currently headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom. Land Rover also plays vital role in manufacturing Military automobiles which should be highly noted.

The high end engine specifications and robustness of the vehicles provided by Land Rover makes the brand name of the company. To the astonishment, Land Rover has extended its services in very different files namely Bicycles, Coffee manufacturing and Push chairs.

Range Rover Evoque is the latest model that is being trended these days. As per the specifications, Range Rover Evoque is the most wanted and wished model of many expert drivers. Even the model is not budget friendly; all that matters is brand and range of Range Rover.

Range Rover Evoque Price

According to the trending results, Range Rover Evoque price is around 42,470 USD where the comfort, specifications and all other modules do range according to the price. In order to make it available to all, Range Rover Evoque is available in many different feasible slots to be bought by customers.

 Range Rover Evoque Specifications

Vehicle wise, Range Rover Evoque specifications includes a four wheel drive; accommodate 5 passengers, with four passenger doors, done with sport utility which in turn can be said that Range Rover sport model is on road.

Engine wise, Range Rover Specifications include an Inter cooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4, 2.0 L engine, 21 mpg city/30 mpg hwy gas mileage. These specifications make a jaw dropping expression for all the customers.

Range Rover Evoque’s transmission includes a very huge Transmission rate with 9-Speed Automatic with specific sport mode and paddle shifters. It is known for comfortable cargo space and availability of stunning amount of volume to accommodate more luggages.

Range Rover Evoque Interior

As Range Rover Evoque comes from the brand Land Rover, it is always known for specially built interior. Range Rover Evoque interior includes nice thick coat of leather over the seats with feathery feeling and highly adjustable seats to make passengers comfortable. It includes climate change air conditioners inbuilt and good glossy finishing over the internal parts.

It is specifically noted that Range Rover Evoque usage is higher in United Kingdom. Range Rover Evoque UK model is the model name which in turn changed to. It is seen that Range Rover Evoque model is more compatible for United Kingdom roads.

Nevertheless to all specifications, Range Rover Evoque is almost equal to a sports car. In turn Range Rover Sport is the extended model of the existing Range Rover Evoque and hence owner of Range Rover Evoque means to have a nice experience as the owned vehicle is partly in to sport version too.

Range Rover Evoque Reviews

Range Rover Evoque reviews states that owners are very happy to make use of this car. Even the model is not pocket friendly, the brand it carries to the garage and the feel to have an on road experience is all that matters. Few critics even say that it is not that worthy for a normal small car.