Nissan Terrano Diesel Car Specifications and Review

Nissan Terrano Diesel

Nissan Motor Company Limited is simply known as Nissan to everyone is a Japan originated company which is headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohoma, Japan. Nissan is founded in 1933 which means 81 years ago and hence it is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in world.

Since 1999, Nissan has become a part of Renault-Nissan Alliance which is existence as a partner with Renault. Nissan had always a riot of introducing customer friendly automobiles which are designed according to the latest trend and supply the same all over the world.

 Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster

Nissan Terrano introduced by Nissan is an all wheel specified revolutionary model on road with high end specifications and moderate fuel consumption levels. It is fact that Nissan Terrano is introduced by Nissan as competitive version of Renault Duster and hence there shall be good match for Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster.

 Nissan Terrano Price

According to the statistics, Nissan Terrano price ranges from 9,99,000 to 11,17,000 in market. It has all well designed interiors and robust structure though easy to handle modes. Nissan Terrano has clicked much in India and now a days, few critics say Nissan Terrano India model.

Nissan Terrano Specifications

Vehicle wise, Nissan Terrano specifications include front wheel drive train, front and rear power windows, one air bag, 5 gears, fabric seat upholstery and can accommodate 5 passengers. Hence it is clearly known that Nissan Terrano is more compatible model on road. All the specific categories of this model had made it a wonder vehicle.

Engine wise, Nissan Terrano specifications include 1461 cc engine capacity, 20.45 KMPL fuel consumption combined and hence it is clearly known that mileage is the good part that Nissan Terrano can provide too. Combustive and non combustive affects are altogether provided in the model and hence this is made the best of engine specifications when it is compared to Renault Duster.

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Nissan Terrano versions are available both in petrol and diesel where Nissan Terrano Diesel version stood when compared to petrol version. Usage of Nissan Terrano Diesel version resulted in economical mode of customers. Nissan Terrano Diesel version is highly specified with 200 Nm @ 1900 RPM and 84 bhp @ 3750 RPM power and hence it can give the best of any other models.

Nissan Terrano Interior

Nissan Terrano interior is very comfortable and luxurious. As it can accommodate passengers, it also has huge space left for carrying goods, luggage which is a common man dream to be fulfilled and hence it is done though. Nissan Terrano is exclusively made up of spacious holders and two separate cup holders in front seats. The exclusively designed steering helps drivers to handle the vehicle without any problem.

Recent Nissan Terrano Reviews say that this model comprises of many good values and on road experience was much better to any other model and being the owner of such model made the customers proud and hence the model is on in the market. The excellent finishing of surfaces, color specifications and coating effects are extra added advantages of this model. Al together Nissan Terrano can be known for its extraordinary expert design.