Lancia Italian Car Brand

Italian Car Brands Produced the Most Exotic Italian Cars

Italian car brands have been producing some excellent vehicles and most exotic Italian cars. Cars are the second best investments after houses. It is definitely a matter of pride to own a high quality, luxurious and best performing cars

The Italian car brands have been in news since the 1890’s and the car industry offers employment to a large number of people, and also contributes 8.5% to the country’s GDP. Now we discuss some of the well popular Italian car brands who captured car market across the world.

Which are the Exotic Car Models Produced by the Italian Car Companies

The first and foremost Italian car model which captured almost 90% of the market in the year 2001 is the Fiat. The company was founded by Giovanni Agnelli and a few other investors, to produce sports cars and small road cars for every consumer liking.Fiatis also the sixth largest Italian car manufacturer in the world and has been awarded the Best European car of the year title almost twelve times.

Founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the Lamborghini car brand is liked by many for its grand and luxurious looks. Some of the best models of this brand are the Jarama, Espada, 350GT,Urraco and Miura. In the later stages this brand was acquired by the Volkswagen and presently has four recent models because of which it is in demand.

When racing comes into picture, nobody can forget the Ferrari. This powerful brand has been featured in the Formula One races continuously since 1950’s, its inception year. Scuderia Ferrari and Michael Schumacher are world renowned for their famous records in racing and this popularity also gives the brand its huge sales in the super car segment.

Alfa Romeo automobile company is also a famous Italian car brand, recognized by its models Targa and Florio in the racing field.This company produces some of the most expensive sports cars coupled with a few small cars and is trusted greatly for its excellent quality of cars. Tour car racing, Grand Prix and Formula one are a few most challenging races in which these cars have won championships.

Produced by the Maserati brothers, Maserati was one of the early Italian car models to have achieved a distinction of winning the Indianapolis 500 two times.

Lancia Italian Car Brand

Lancia automobiles in another Italian company which introduced innovativeness in the Italian car industry. It was manufactured as a high end luxury car and comprised of the first complete electrical system, front suspension, 5 speed gearbox, full production V6 engine, V4 engine and rare trans-axles. But it eventually lost its popularity as it was very expensive when compared to other brands.

What’s Next in Italian Car Market

With so many reliable and branded car brands emerging in the Italian car market, the competition of identifying new segments and customizing the cars to customer’s preference is becoming the new interest of car makers. Innovativeness, latest technological adaptations, and more action is the new mantra for these brands to succeed with the other foreign car models. Even the car makers are making use of every opportunity to make this happen and are sure to succeed in the world market.