Mercedes Benz is Best Car Brand

European Car Brands Are Very Popular in Automotive Market

European car brands are very popular in automotive market. with the luxury interior and exterior also sophisticated feature, they might beat the other countries. European car brands’s safety have no doubt and safety is more important than anything else.

There are lots of car brands in Europe who are extremely popular across the world but Mercedes Benz is one of the best European car brand made by Germany that might be your favorite. Even though the price and the maintenance is quite expensive, but Mercedes Benz deserve it.

How Mercedes Benz Might Be Favorite European Car Brand

Mercedes Benz is Best European Car BrandHow Mercedes Benz Might Be Your Favorite European Car. Instead of compare about the price, let’s we compare about the superiority of Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz have lots of variant in body shapes, excellence machine in every type.Being the oldest of European car brands makes Mercedes Benz is the most trusted brand in automotive market. However this made Mercedes Benz keep updating their products to make their brand stay high in quality as European car brands.

Mercedes Benz found lots of inventories in their whole history such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Pre-Safe system, another great inventories. As the best European car brands, Mercedes Benz not only have to beat Japan car brands, but also beat another European car brands such as BMW.

BMW is formidable rival that might haunt Mercedes Benz, but no need to worry because based on study, Mercedes Benz had beat BMW in the past 11 years and this is because Mercedes Benz always being productive and release new series and finally Mercedes Benz is a superior and more desirable to people in USA.

The new Mercedes Benz S class 2014 is hot product that might be your favorite and also keep their achievement as “the best car in the world”.  Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2014 was developed based on three priorities engineering: “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury”.

Mercedes-Benz has Efficient Technology, where New S-Class fuel oil (BBM) and environmentally friendly. Suppose a model powered 201 hp (150 kW) with fuel consumption 22.72 km / liter. meanwhile for wind drag coefficient (cd) is better than the previous model to 0.24. S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID Even with CD 0.23 thanks to the aerodynamic package.

New S-Class interior showing luxury, whether it be from the controls, infotainment systems and others. That is the Essence of Luxury.  Some updates the exterior look like a more upright grille, 3-dimensional design and larger; front and rear lights. Now the S-Class without a single light bulb, LED replacement.

New S-Class becomes the first car in the world that can detect or damaged on the bumpy road ahead. If the Road Surface Scan to detect these conditions via a stereo camera, the MAGIC BODY CONTROL immediately make arrangements to deal with the road surface is not normal.This car is totally your best option for ride, but some issues about the low resale price may causes the frighten of people who wants to buy Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz’s spare-parts indeed hard to find and the price is quite expensive. The maintenance is also need more attention. but talking about quality, Mercedes Benz always provide the best, especially for safety things and this is the most important superior part of European car brands than the other car brands of the world. So have you decide it to have a Mercedes Benz or BMW as your ride.