Best Electric Car for Cheap Drive

Electric Car Companies Provide Best Electric Cars for Cheap Drive

The electric car companies provide the cars with enhanced engines. These engines produce less smoke which reduces air pollution in the atmosphere. Every car has a history of its own and the same applies to even electric cars. Known for their low speeds, high costs and short travel distance, electric cars started becoming popular in the initial stages of the 21st century, when people wanted an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles which increased the hydrocarbon emissions, which in turn led to pollution in the environment.

Best Electric Car for Cheap Drive
Best Electric Car for Cheap Drive

So, in order to sustain the environment a development was made in transportation infrastructure by producing the first electric car in Germany in the year 1888 by an engineer named Andreas Flocken, which resembled a horse drawn carriage, whose main drawback was the availability of only limited battery for charging.

Which are the Best Electric Cars that offer Comfortable and Cheap Ride?

Although the history has a long explanation about the production of electric cars during the 1880’s,the best and cheapest electric cars are being produced only recently.

Electric cars are priced pretty high when compared to regular cars and cheapest among them is the Mitsubishi-i-MiEV, manufactured in a jellybean style and costing up to $23,845. This Japanese model does not have that great looks and still maintains the low performance bar, but if you get a good dealer the car may cost you a $16,000, which is much lesser than the actual cost.

The other cheap electric cars include the Smart for two Electric Drive, Chevrolet Spark EV and Nissan Leaf which are capable of providing a better drive with enough power and torque.

Among the best electric cars launched in the market, the BMW i3, Toyota RAV4 EV, Volkswagen e-Golf, Kia Soul Ev and Mercedes B-class are a few cars which are really made of a few good materials like carbon, aluminium and other sustainable fabrics and provide quite a practical drive for people who prefer speed and a good performance. But, on the other hand, these cars are also priced pretty high and quite some amount goes into getting the batteries charged up.

So on the whole all electric cars do offer a good safe drive and saves your time of standing at the gas station for a long time and contributes to a greener environment.

What Do these Electric Cars have in Store for Future?

A main feature that has to be looked into for an electric car to function as expected is the battery life of the car. Without charge, the battery will cease to run and even the temperature changes impact the ability of the battery’s operation.This is going to challenge the technological inventors, who are looking into investing on lithium air batteries, which will run for a longer time and allow the electric cars to perform as any other gasoline car.

Secondly, the electric cars use up a lot of power in their charging phase. So maintaining the supply and demand level of the power supply and keeping a check on overloading becomes another major challenge when more number of electric cars will be produced and sold.