Chery QQ Cheap Chinese Car

Cheap Cars – The Cheapest Car in the World

Owning a vehicle, especially a car is truly a boon when you have to travel each day to work. Even if it just a cheap car, it gives you enough mobility and saves a lot of time which otherwise you might waste waiting for a public transport.

Moreover cars are better options when compared to bikes, as the ride will be safe and less risky. So, if you’re one of those people who are planning to buy the cheapest brand new car, here are a few simple choices which is well known cheapest car in the World.

Tata Nano: Costing just $3056, Tata Nano is the world’s first cheapest car manufactured by TATA motors in India. The car has a two cylinder petrol engine which can pick up a maximum speed of 105 kmph. The small length of the car measuring 3100 millimeters and the width of the car measuring 1500 millimeters makes it a small and convenient drive.

Tata Nano
Tata Nano Cheap Car – Costing Just $3056

Chery QQ: Next on the list of cheapest cars is the Chinese make, Chery QQ, which is in the market since 2003 and costs $4781. This car also has an extremely mini variant called Chery QQ6, which also fits the list. The semi-automatic five speed transmission works pretty well for this car whose length is 3,550 millimeters and width is just 1,485 millimeters.

Chery QQ Cheap Chinese Car
Chery QQ Cheap Chinese Car – Costs Just $4781

Maruthi Suzuki 800: One of the cheapest car in the World of the Indian make since the mid 80’s, of which almost 3 million models have been sold is the Maruthi Suzuki 800. Equipped with a 796cc engine and a 4 speed manual transmission, this car has a length of 3,335 millimeters and width of 1440 millimeters and costs just $4,994.

Maruti Suzuki 800 Cheap Car
Maruti Suzuki 800 Cheap Car – Costs Just $4,994

Geely MR– Produced by a Chinese manufacturer in the year 2000, this super compact car costs $5,500 with a five-door hatchback. Also known as Merrie, this car has a four cylinder engine with 16 valves with a capacity of 1.3 to 1.5 Liter. The length is 3,825 millimeters and width of the car measures 1670 millimeters, and the wheelbase is 2,340 millimeters.

Geely MR Cheap Car
Geely MR Cheap Car – Just Costs $5,500

Tata Indica: Tata motors well known Indian automobile brand to make cheap cars. Another super mini passenger car manufactured in India by TATA motors since 1998 is the TATA Indica. Since August 2008 almost 1.2 million of this car models have been sold, which is fitted with a V2 engine offering a fuel efficiency of 14km/l. This car costs approximately $8,500.

Tata Indica v2 Car
Tata Indica v2 Car Costs approximately $8,500

Chery A1: A Sedan which is compact and has a five door hatchback is the Chery A1. Manufactured by a Chinese automobile company, the A1 costs $7,340 for a standard model and is built with a 1297 cc engine. This small car is 3,700 millimeters long and 1,578 millimeters wide.

Chery A1 Chinese Cheap Car
Chery A1 Chinese Car Costs $7,340

Hyundai i10: If you are ready to spend $9,096 for a cheap car then Hyundai i10 is a good option. Launched in 2007, this car comprises of a five door hatchback, 4 or 5 speed manual transmission and gives a good 19.8 kmpl on smooth roads with low emissions. Even the interiors and exteriors of the car are pretty stylish, making it a good buy.

Hyundai i10 Car
Hyundai i10 Car – Just Cost $9,096