Auto Expo 2016 Motor Show

Auto Expo 2016 Motor and Component Show Venue and Dates

Indian automobile industry has grown by bounds and leaps over the past years. After that, we had accurately a few of the cars to choose from, just around one from every section. If anyone desired to buy a minor car it would be the Maruti 800 with no doubt. For the customer who anticipated for extra space and extravagance it would be the Contessa car from Hindustan motors. Major automobile producers like Skoda, Volkswagen, and Honda weren’t even caughtin the market of India.

In the previous days, people were less fond of luxurious cars. They didn’t even imagine bout the new model cars those time. Gradually, the Indian automobile market undergone many changes. Now, it has all the models of cars. Global manufacturers of cars are very constant in the market presently.

The Auto Expo 2016 is going to be largest automotive show that is to be held in India. Of the abundant corporations exhibiting their cars and other vehicles at the auto expo the great transnational car companies include BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Honda.

Auto Expo 2016 Motor Show

The native manufacturers who are also a portion of the auto expo are Maruti, Bajaj, Hero Moto Corp and Tata Motor Corporations who are display their different automobiles and even corporations like Ashok Leyland and Volvo who also participate in the auto expo of India. They exhibit theirs buses and trucks in the Auto show.

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This demonstrates that various cars and vehicles extravagance the people in the auto expo at the venue. This auto expo aphorism the opening of numerous cars like the BMW, Mini hurled their complete thing which includes the Mini Cooper and Countryman. The capital city of India may be the Auto Expo 2016 Venue.

This year, the car manufacturers are planned to release different models of new cars from different brands to the Indian market. Auto show will be the exclusive show of car components, services of particular brand and type of technology used in manufacturing the components in the preparation of cars.

Auto Expo 2016

Auto Expo 2016 Dates are expected to be from 4th to 7th of second month of 2016 i.e. February. 4th February is allotted for the inauguration function. The coming day for the special invitees and media people. Last day of the auto expo is for business visitors.

Different models of cars from several brands is going to be exhibit in the car expo. The vehicle managers are responsible to explain about their components and technology that is used in cars.