Alfa Romeo 4c Car

Alfa Romeo 4c Car Price, Specs, Reviews of USA and UK

Alfa Romeo 4c Car

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a rear drive, mid-engine sports car. Alfa has a messed up past with changes in management and ideas being implemented that were not that impressive. However, Alfa Romeo 4C had the mission of building a car for people that directly displays its value with the affordability quotient. This light weight car uses extremely rigid carbon fibre tub, it has a front and rear crash box and also a hybrid rear frame with 4 cylinder turbo engine and that’s why the name 4C.Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is a two-seater car.

The engine motor owes its light weight to the aluminum cast being used than the regular iron cast. The outer body is made of a composite material and it definitely lightens the weight of the car by about 20% as compared to one with a steel body. All the wheels of this car uses disc brakes and lets the car at high speed stop instantly within a few meters. To keep a check on the weight this concept car does not have power steering.

Alfa Romeo 4c Car Price and Other Specs

The Alfa Romeo 4c Price is somewhere around £45,000. The look of the car is brilliant, park it anywhere and it boldly speaks of its presence. Swing open the door and see the wonderful carbon tub. The interior looks are however a mixed set with looks and feel the pedals are great, however, steering wheel is not as impressive. Upon start of the engine, the sound takes you back to 80s but down the lane while driving the sound does not pose much of a problem. The Alfa Romeo 4C specs apart from the carbon body and framework also include the performance of the car. Its performance and power is based on the all new aluminium set up where Alfa Romeo 4C horsepower of 180KW is used at 6000 rpm.The engine’s carbon dioxide emissions coupled with the fuel consumption helps it achieve acceleration in just 4.5 seconds and attain a top speed of 160 mph. The brakes of the vehicle are extremely powerful. The Alfa Romeo 4C review has overall received good positive feedback all round the world.The structure of the vehicle is definitely an advantage. It is rigid and allows the suspension to work freely without any unwanted bend. This concept car is a swift footed car and has an amazing accelerating capability.

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The vehicle however has certain features that take away its potential. The lack of power steering makes parking in and out a tough task with you wrestling away your forearms. The car swifts and turns easily and so driving on an uneven road is a bit of a challenge.The unassisted steering the main weakness of 4C, it becomes more of a race car than a regular car drive owing to its lack of neutrality while turning the corners. Alfa Romeo 4C USA was introduced in New York International Auto Show in 2014. Alfa Romeo 4C UK is an elegant car with awesome speed and enjoyable road performance.