2015 New Jeep Compass Price And Reviews

2015 New Jeep Compass Price And Reviews

2015 New Jeep Compass Price And Reviews

Jeep compass is a five passenger small crossover SUV (sports utility vehicle) or a suburban utility vehicle. And has exclusive features like electronically regulated two, four wheel drive systems which are named after freedom drive-1 and freedom drive-2.whereas freedom drive-1 refers to full-time four-wheel drive system with locking ability while the freedom drive-2 relies on freedom drive-1 that give an exceptionally responsive performance while the freedom drive-1 4×4 system can tackle snow, ice and mud. While the freedom drive-2 has an extra feature along with its dependence on freedom drive-1, ultimately it helps to gain control and keep us going on steep grades, deeper snow and other tough conditions as such. Besides these features, the fact of this vehicle and its body style meant and designed for sport utility tends to look splendid in its move with 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels with its base being 104 inches.

Jeep compass 2015 specifications make the SUV one of its kind which in spite of being a sport utility car, its compatibility to all kinds of purpose has made it a venturesome vehicle. Also offering comfort and convenience in the interiors with exclusive design features, some of its accessories include cloth seats (optional), vinyl seats (optional), A/C, vehicle anti theft system, power door locks (optional), key less entry (optional), adjustable steering wheel, FM/AM stereo, hard disk drive, CD player, satellite radio, backup camera (optional). While the jeep compass 2015 offers, standard safety features that include stability, grip control and anti lock brakes, side curtain and front side air bags with a brake assist function.

Jeep compass prices vary with its availability in three basic models that are sport, latitude and limited. While the starting price of the basic model from 19,395$ to the final price of the high end model being up to 25,000$.

2015 Jeep Compass Reviews

Jeep compass has a highly efficient engine with 141 pound feet of torque, 158 horsepower, 2.L 4 cylinders or a dual variable valve timing engine which functions very smoothly.

All compass models share a common transmission feature that is 5 speed manual transmission that provides a shift with less effort and optimum efficiency that makes it fun to drive. While it exceptionally fuel efficient, where EPA fuel economy EST-HWY (MPG):27, EPA fuel economy EST-City (MPG):22 for every 2 liters of fuel consumed.

2015 Jeep Compass Latitude

One of the three basic models of jeep compass introduced in the year 2011, the latitude is a mid range model, with added features to existing jeep compass sport while they include air condition system, key less entry, security system, power windows and door locks. It also has extended exterior and interior chrome trim, a height changeable driver seat and heated front seats, a fold-flat front passenger seat, and a 115-volt power outlet.

While the feature of freedom drive 2 is applicable to latitude like any other 4 wheeler which has under body skid plates, an engine oil cooler, 2.4 liter engine, 17 inch wheels with all terrain tires, hill descent control etc. and it is eligible for cargo packaging.