BMW i8 Price, Specs and Reviews

2015 BMW i8 Price, Specs, Photos and Reviews

Bayerische Motoren Werke, which is known as BMW to all is a German automobile manufacturer company and it is highly known for manufacturing luxurious automobiles. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

BMW had established all over the world since 1916 which means 99 long old years ago that is centuries ago. It is astonishing to know that automobile industry had its roots since many old years ago and BMW stands as a very good example for the same.

BMW i8 Price, Specs and Reviews

BMW manufactured around 1,481,253 four-wheeled vehicles and 112,271 motorcycles in the year 2010 which is a land mark for its production. BMW often launch its new products and models which will be the evolved models from the previous models.

Describing BMW i8 is like praising ones’ own girl friend. Swan wing doors, sharp nose which is grilled all together a super stand car which is released by BMW is the i8 model. This can be said as a true revolutionary vehicle in the market. When it comes to the description, every single thing is a wonder and hence all wonders together merged in BMW i8.

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Vehicle wise, the BMW i8 specs include mid engine, front and mid motor, drive with four wheels, accommodate four passengers, and a couple two door. With these specifications alone, BMW i8 is a master on road and punches its power with the help of high end built-ups. BMW i8 is available for price of $148,250 where the base price alone is $137,450 in market.

BMW i8 engine is specified with 3 inline which is turbocharged and inter cooled, an aluminum block and a head, a permanent magnet synchronous AC. The displacement of this car is simply super with 236 lb-ft at 3700 rpm combined torque and 228 hp at 5800 rpm combined power which means power can be specified as BMW i8 Horsepower.

Coming to the best interior, the four seats that are provided are just like a luxurious hotel seats and the turbocharged three cylinder gas engines with two electric motors will add up for the smooth flow on road. The leather filled seats add much comfort to the customers and lighted accents glow at night and hence the view in the car will leave a heavenly experience.

The mode of accelerator and structured brakes will add the safety drive on road. The functionality of handling the both accelerator and brakes stand as a mile stone in the history of car operation. The best part among all is the luxurious and rich comfort that all the customers feel. Even in heavy traffics, people will never feel the journey hectic.

It is known that even after riding a sports car, the feel of BMW i8 still remains the same and this is the most wanted compliment that any other model gets. Yes, the brand of BMW stood on its feet again by introducing i8. Bmw i8 Cena, Bmw i8 Fiyat, Bmw i8 Precio are the different types of models within BMW i8.