2015 Chevy Colorado

2015-2016 Chevy Colorado Price, Specs and Reviews

2015 Chevy Colorado

Chevrolet usually and colloquially known as Chevy is the acronym of Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company which is an American company. Chevy is founded in 1911 which means around 110 years ago. Chevy is known for its automobile manufacturing for common man and also for rich.

Chevrolet which manufactured only the normal cars initially entered in to the areas of sports and also luxurious automobiles later. Chevy always believed in the customer satisfaction not only in the means of appearance but also in the means of economical.

Chevy always has shown its wonderful skills in inventing new latest models with all specifications included within the model. Chevy Colorado 2015 is one among those invented models.

Chevy Colorado released by Chevrolet is a gasoline- fired version of compact truck and it is available in prices according to the area and Chevy Colorado 2015 price varies from $20,995 – $35,290.

Chevy Colorado 2015 specs include both vehicle wise and engine wise where in vehicle wise, Chevy Colorado is basically specified with front-engine, 4 wheels, rear, accommodate 5 passengers, and is a four door truck. Engine, made from Thailand is specified with turbocharged, inter cooled DOHC 16 valve diesel inline 4, direct fuel injection, with aluminum head and iron block.

With respect to torque, Colorado is the best compact truck with 369 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm and 181 hp @ 3400 rpm power. Colorado is best at its transmission by 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode. Being best in the means of power, torque, speed for a normal car model is one of the best points to be noted.

Colorado is economical when it comes to fuel usage too. Colorado is also known for its best performance in terms of speed and safety friction arrangements. The specially built steering will help the drivers to handle the vehicle safely. The system of brakes is powerful and hence the brake mode established in the car allows the people for any consigned stop. The mode of interlocking and release are exclusively commanded with the special systematic fixtures kept in accordance to the driver handling.

Colorado has become a revolution in the field of trucks and it is best known for its ride specificity as it is comfortable and the ride is more qualitative. Colorado is also known for its classy interiors and effective size. Even though Colorado is made for exclusive truck purpose, the interiors for passengers are not compromised and hence the facilitates the travel much sophisticated.

The best step of the Colorado is it is the available both in extended-cab and crew cab styles. The features that uphold the model are EZ-Lift tailgate, keyless entry, cruise control and a theft deterrent system.

Colorado’s stand up options include automatic locking system, spray on bed liner, trailering package, power adjustable outside mirrors and tailgate as discussed.

Chevy Colorado reviews states that on road experience leaves an impression that polished feel evident throughout truck and handling feels secure and the small body will facilitate drivers to feel easier to other vehicles.